Tracks are available for licensing.

Contact blair@blairpickar for more information.  



"Cutting the Sub-Light Engines" - 90bpm

Happy, bouncy, up-beat. Acoustic guitar, bells, plucky strings all build to a melodic theme.

V/O-friendly version available. 


"Are Too"    :30

Peppy, happy, bouncy piano-based melody with bells, plucky strings and guitar. 


"In a Galaxy" - 66 bpm

Mid-tempo; Alt rock; driving drums; melodic "spacey" lead guitar melodies. Big, dynamic choruses.


"Always Emotions, the Future"    :30

Tension piano builds to a short, melodic "string quartet" release and button


"Blue Milk for Dinner" - 79 bpm

Driving electronic beat; Rhodes pad; light guitar; piano accents. It moves, but it's moody and melodic. 


"Going to Toschi Station" - 74 bpm

Mid/up-tempo; Alt rock; driving distorted guitars; driving and aggressive drums; 


"A Long Time Ago" - 60bpm

Mid-tempo; Alt rock; driving; aggressive up-beat drums; aggressive lead guitar melodies with light and "spacey" guitars.


"Docking Bay 94" 

Upbeat, happy with "bouncy" piano and musical stingers throughout. 


"Walking Carpet" - 80 bpm

Up-tempo; Alt. Rock; Arpeggio acousitc guitar driven; fast-paced drums; "spacey" guitar melodies. 


"Far, Far Away" - 60 bpm

Mid-tempo; Alt rock; driving drums; light and "spacey" guitars


"Echuta!" - 53 bpm

Slow-mid tempo. Alt rock. Driving guitars with synth lead.